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More Than A Teacher

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We provide top-notch coaching sessions to help beauty experts discover and explore more about the industry.

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Our Coaching Sessions

At More Than A Teacher, we provide our top-notch coaching sessions to help beauty experts discover and explore more about the industry. We will guide you to improve your exceptional skills in creating stunning looks. See more details below.

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For the last 13 years, Lisa has worked in post-secondary education in many facets throughout trade schools as well as the university level. Throughout her time in higher education, she has served in many roles, such as educator, education leader, future professional advisor, and admissions advisor to later as the Director of Career Services at a Career College.

With that experience, Lisa has had the privilege of writing curriculums for a variety of programs as well as authoring books that support contributing to children’s and women’s literature. Lisa comes with a diverse background in business and entrepreneurship, owning several businesses and contributing to online publications and organizations that support the further development of women in various settings.

Her grassroots experience is a great contributor to her being blessed with opportunities, like being featured on Success Stalker's Radio and Black Empire Magazine as well as being invited to participate in TBN's 40th anniversary show debuting Christian authors.

However, her exceptional foray in the Arts doesn’t end there. Lisa Marie has performed in The Vagina Monologues and was on the speaker panel for the African American Author Spotlight for the Clark County District Library.

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